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GoHighLevel SaaS Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

GoHighLevel stands as a fully automated and comprehensive cloud-based CRM platform. Designed to empower businesses of all sizes, it provides a centralised interface that integrates essential marketing tools, offering a holistic solution to enhance client bases and streamline operations. From small startups to established agencies, GoHighLevel serves as a powerhouse, combining innovative features, user-friendly design, and a robust Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) pricing model.
GoHighLevel Pricing Model
GoHighLevel offers a dynamic SaaS pricing model, providing businesses with a flexible and scalable solution. The highlevel SaaS pricing plan, available at $497/month, unlocks a myriad of features and functionalities that cater to the diverse needs of both agencies and businesses.
GoHighLevel also offers two primary plans, each catering to different business needs:
1. GoHighLevel Agency Starter: Just $97/month
Ideal for budding businesses and solo entrepreneurs, the Agency Starter plan is a budget-friendly entry into essential CRM tools. At just $97 per month, you’ll enjoy:
And, if you opt for an annual plan, enjoy an additional 17% discount. Plus, kickstart your journey with a 14-day free trial to experience all these features firsthand.
2. GoHighLevel Agency Unlimited: Starting at $297/month
Tailored for businesses craving advanced capabilities, the Agency Unlimited plan at $297 per month includes everything in the Starter Plan, plus:
The Agency Unlimited plan is the smart investment for businesses needing advanced CRM and marketing capabilities. Create an unlimited number of accounts and use GoHighLevel for yourself and your clients. If you require team management or white-labeling capabilities, explore the Agency Unlimited White Label Upgrade.
GoHighLevel SaaS Pricing
The GoHighLevel SaaS mode, priced at $497/month, not only grants access to the platform’s powerful tools but also enables users to resell the software under their own brand, retaining 100% of the profit.
For agencies and businesses managing a substantial lead volume, the Unlimited White Label Upgrade from GoHighLevel is your gateway to advanced features and unparalleled branding options. This plan not only includes all the robust features of the Agency Unlimited plan but also offers exclusive perks to enhance your brand presence and client management capabilities
The White Label Upgrade:
Customised Mobile App:
Unlimited Accounts:
Priority Support:
Advanced Team Management:
Additional Features:
To unlock the Unlimited White Label Upgrade, you must already have an active Agency Unlimited account. This ensures you seamlessly transition into a world where your brand takes centre stage.
Empower your business, delight your clients, and elevate your brand presence with GoHighLevel’s Unlimited White Label Upgrade.
In addition to its compelling pricing structure, the GoHighLevel platform offers a multitude of features that make it a preferred choice for businesses seeking to elevate their client management and marketing efforts.
The platform’s robust integration capabilities stand out, allowing seamless connectivity with third-party applications. This ensures a unified workflow, enabling users to harness the power of various tools within a single interface.
Moreover, GoHighLevel provides users with the ability to offer a personalised experience through the provision of sub-accounts for each customer. This feature enhances interactions, allowing for tailored management of individual client needs.
The integrated calling and messaging system further solidifies GoHighLevel’s position as a comprehensive CRM platform. This system facilitates continuous communication with clients and leads, fostering stronger relationships and streamlined communication processes.
A standout characteristic of GoHighLevel is its user-friendly interface, making it accessible and intuitive for users of all levels of expertise. This emphasis on ease of use ensures that businesses can quickly adapt to and leverage the platform’s capabilities for efficient client management.
How to get 17% Discount on GoHighLevel SaaS Mode?
Unlocking a 17% discount on your GoHighLevel SaaS subscription is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to make the most of this exclusive annual payment offer :
Log into Your Free Trial Account:
Locate the Upgrade Button:
Click on Upgrade:
Choose Annual Payment Option:
Switch to the “Pay Annually” Tab:
Review Price Breakdown:
Complete the Process:
Renew your GoHighLevel subscription seamlessly, and enjoy significant savings with the exclusive 17% discount on the annual payment option.
In conclusion, GoHighLevel’s SaaS pricing plans offer a robust solution for businesses and agencies seeking versatile CRM tools. The SaaS mode, coupled with the White Label Upgrade, empowers users to resell software, customise branding, and access a rich set of features. The seamless onboarding process further enhances the appeal of GoHighLevel, making it a preferred choice for businesses aiming for growth and efficiency.
Sign up today and unlock the full potential of GoHighLevel by choosing a pricing plan that aligns with your unique business needs.
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